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26 January 2015    
Thanks for the memories

The .NET Developer Network is no longer running, on 3rd March 2014 we had our very last meeting. We had been running for seven years and now it’s time for someone else to take the .NET community reins.

Thanks to everyone who supported us and attended our meetings we had a great time and I hope to see you all soon.

Welcome To The .NET Developer Network

The .NET Developer Network is a free user group based in Bristol (England) that serves .NET developers in the South West of England. The aim is to develop and promote the .NET developers, architects and IT pros of Bristol and the South West. Through monthly meetings we generate a lively community and act as a focal point for the professionals of this area.

And, of course, we need your help. Here's what we want you to do:-

1. Be a member (click on Register above).

2. Come to meetings.

3. Tell us what you think and what you want (see the "We Want To Hear From You" section on this page).

DDD South West Video

Want to know what all of the fuss about DDD South West was about ? Check out this video from Chris King.

The .NET Developer Network In Action

We Want To Hear From You

We really want to hear from you. There are four ways you can tell us what's on your mind:-

If you want to tell us about preferred days for meetings, days that you can't make meetings, subjects you're interested in or speakers you'd like to hear then fill in the details in your profile (login in, click on your name at the top and click on Manage Profile).

Comments on a meeting that you are going to or have been to ? Add a comment to the DotNetDevNet Meetings blog here.

Want to tell us something else ? Fill in the Feedback form below.

Still want to tell us something else ? Come to a meeting and tell us. We want to hear it.

Thanks. Your feedback helps us to provide better meetings for more people.


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