3 of The Amazing LG TVs Available

Do you own a television that has a one touch access to applications like BBC iPlayer, YouTube and many other? Every smart TV has its own unique features but you should find TV that can help you access online media. In this article, we will write about the most amazing LG 4k TV in the market from that TV that has an online player and you can connect and access online media using it. These TVs are:

  1. LG 47LM860V

This is a type of television that boasts around of the very good design all over around the world. It has an outlandish thin and endlessly stroke able metallic finish screen. It also has a floating ‘metal wing’ stand which is ultra cute.

This type of television also can play every type of media in the world, either by a networked DLNA or USB storage device. It also has a vast network of online services which is courtesy of LG latest Smart TV Engine. While its images are served via LGs 800 MCI (Motion Control Index) processing, this will help in controlling the sort of motion blurring problem. Which are usually seen in LG TVs.

To boost contrast, this television uses LED lighting system which benefits from local dimming systems where sectors of the lighting may have the light level adjusted one by one. This type of TV also uses the passive #D technology and brings with it five sets of 3D glasses.

It also comes with a second remote control. This is known as the magic remote which can be used to directly point to option on the screen.

  1. LG 47LM760V

This TV comes with the third incarnation of LG’s XD Engines and uses an Edge LED backlit screen and also it is 3D compatible. This TV measures 33.4mm and it’s almost stunning with its table stand which has a metal like shiny effect. This TV includes a stunning 7 pair of 3D glasses that makes it appealing to families because it’s durable. The 3D game glasses which are always available always use the polarised 3D panels not for further dimensional trickery.

This also comes with a 47LM760T remote control which is also known as a Magic Remote which uses an on-screen cursor system to select channels and in navigation to the menus. This type of TV also prides itself by being powered with Wi-Fi connectivity and also a smart TV system which will link to BBC, iPlayer, YouTube, Lovefilm and Acctrax e.g. Twitter, ITN News, etc.


In terms of image processing, it has a Triple XD Engine which has 800Hz processing power and a super-resolution for upscaling which helps in making DVDs and dodgy YouTube’s videos to shine on a big screen.

It also has Smart Share which can help in linking the TV to laptops, notebooks, PC and Mac on a network and also smartphones.

This type of TV also has a Skype camera which is placed on top of the LG 47LM760T and is attached to the TV through one of the USB slots available.

  1. LG 47LM960V

This is a type of TV which is not only relies on its direct LED lighting and an amazing design. It also supports 3D complete with 7pairs of glasses.

LG 47LM960V TV accepts all types of multimedia files from those in a USB storage device or connected to a computer. It also has an LG Nano Baby which enables you to be able to wirelessly connect to LGs Smart TV platforms. You can also be able to connect to Mac computers through Smart Share. It also supports some Games like Call of Duty: MW3 which will need special pairs of passive glasses (which are only able to see polarised images from the TV)

The 47LM960V also independently controls the light output from the LED clusters behind the screening which can massively help in reducing contrast.

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